Custom listing for Sigve

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This is a custom listing for Sigve, for the design of the bag in the second image with following alterations

- Making it with a front/back and side pannel, so there can be bottle pockets on both sides.

-Making it in grey brown for the corpus, and olive green for front pocket, shoulder straps and bottom

- A half-height side pocket on the opposite side, with a buckled leather strap some
8-10 cm above.

- A buckled leather chest strap. (Adjustable in height to suit the entire range of the shoulder straps see message for details

- 20 mm horisontal leather strap ( 8-10 cm, no buckles) below both side pockets

The rucksack measures approximately wide 40cm and rolled 45cm tall,unrolled 60cm and
12 cm deep


Image of Custom listing for Sigve