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This is a custom listing for Anna, for the design of the second image with following alterations

- Making it with clasp closing and D-ring, with a short strap on the back (no buckle needed)

- with a volume pocket in leather with magnetic closure (inside the pocket another pocket for keys, against the canvas part)

- adding a tassel 9cm tall

- Making it in cognac leather and navy bleu waxed canvas

- no carry handle

Shoulder straps
- Decrease the distance between the shoulder straps with 6cm.
- The shoulder straps narrow down: At the top they are 4,5 cm wide. Then they narrow down over the shoulders to become 2,5 cm. The part where it narrows down is 15 cm long. Again: see attached photo

Front pocket
- It is actually good as it was on the last backpack. No need to make it longer or moving it.
- I want to make this backpack as light and spacious as possible, so I would like to have all padding removed, except from the one that is towards the back and at the bottom of the backpack. This means the PC pocket will be more like a regular pocket with enough space for a PC. No front padding.
Please make it a little tight, so that it doesn’t become in the way and flappy when stuffing things in the backpack.


Image of Custom listing for Anna Image of Custom listing for Anna