Treesizeverse Handmade in Belgium

About us

Hi, and welcome to my shop. Thank you for your visit.

I'm Ronald, I'm a one man operation, this means I design and make all the items in my shop myself. Each piece is individual made, with care and attention for details.

Treesizeverse accessories are made with fabrics are leather that have proven they can stand the test of time. I try to use materials that gain character with time.

I love looking for them at the strangest places, so you get a very unique item. Most of the fabrics are new with a vintage look character, so they feel very unique, and will soon feel like your favorite item to accompany you everywhere. I use leather from cows that have lived outside (free range leather) so there can be small marks and spots from insects from the time the cows were alive, but I feel that they only add to the charm and spirit of each item.