Treesizeverse Handmade in Belgium

Vegan backpack in black Piñatex™ and field tan waxed canvas with roll to close top


Vegan backpack made from Piñatex™ in black and waxed canvas in field tan with a roll to close top.

Piñatex™ made from an innovative, natural and sustainable non-woven textile made from pineapple leaf fibers as an animal friendly alternative to leather and petroleum based materials.

This textile is water resistant, strong, versatile, breathable, soft, light.......

I made it into an everyday backpack/rucksack, with waxed canvas padded straps.

The bag closes with a vegetable tanned leather strap and buckle (if you prefer I can make a vegan version from this bag too, just send me a message)

There is padding on the backside for more comfort.

This pack is fully lined with a cotton canvas fabric, and a padded backside and padded laptop compartment

All the bags are made and designed by myself and handmade with care and attention for details.

The rucksack measures approximately wide 36 cm and folded 38cm tall,unfolled 53cm and
12 cm deep.
In inches this is 14 inches wide, folled 15 inch tall and unfolled 20.8 inches tall and
5 inches deep

Care instructions

To keep your Piñatex™bag in top condition, it is recommended to wax (I've already done this the first time for your bag) and repeat this on a regular basis by using a natural wax (I recommend the wax from )

Waxing the material is not only for protection, but it also gives the material a soft patina which you'll love.
After application, leave it in a warm place for 24 hours and rub it gently with a soft cloth.
Any dirt should be cleaned with water using a damp soft cloth or sponge.