Treesizeverse Handmade in Belgium

Waxed canvas day bag / small messenger bag/ kangaroo bag with waxed leather shoulder strap


Day bag made in American waxed canvas, the large one is made in grey brown and the smaller one in navy blue

I made it for the days you do not have to take a lot with you. Space enough for i-phone,purse, I-pod, and some other necessities.
If you like you can detach them and wear only one.

The bags close with a zipper closure, and are fully lined with cotton canvas.

The size of the large satchel measures 18 cm tall and 25 cm wide the smaller one is 14 cm tall and 22.5 cm wide..

which is in inches, 7.09 inch tall and 9.8 inch wide for the larger one and 5.5 inch tall and 8.8 inch wide for the smaller one.