Treesizeverse Handmade in Belgium

Waxed canvas sling bag in field tan/ chest bag / day bag/ with leather shoulder strap

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Fanny pack, sling bag made in American waxed canvas and oiled leather, with large front pocket closing with leather flap and pouch buttons.

I made it for the days you do not have to take a lot with you. Space enough for i-phone, purse, scarf, and some other necessities.
You can choose how to wear this as a fanny pack, chest bag, or satchel.

The main compartment is on the back side and closes with a zipper closure

The size is 40cm high, 22cm wide at the widest part and around 3-4 cm deep

which is in inches, 15,75 inches tall, 8,66 inches wide at the widest part and around 1,5inches deep